Rainy Day Program

It's no secret that it is important to save and prepare for retirement. In order to help potentially ensure that you'll be able to live comfortably and continue your lifestyle in retirement, you may need to make a retirement income plan that addresses your expenses and satisfies your financial needs. But, you need to do more than plan for the future you hope to have - you also need to prepare for the future you hope to never have.

If you're like many retirees, you probably have money left over - even after your retirement income needs have been met - that you're saving for a rainy day. When you think about the people you know, some of the rainiest days are due to illness. If you encounter a downpour of medical issues and need long-term care later in life, the exorbitant cost of health care could flood your retirement plan with overwhelming debt and stress.

This isn't just A rainy day, this is THE rainy day, and you need the right umbrella. There are ways to position this money that may provide security, accessibility and have the opportunity to grow. Watch the video to learn how!