Portfolio Analysis Review

The Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) process is a simple method to help map your route to financial clarity. If you are like many of our clients, you have been steadfast when it comes to saving for retirement. Do you feel as confident when it comes to how your savings are working for you?

This is where we come in. Our process takes inventory of your portfolio with a comprehensive 360 degree approach.

The PAR checklist can help answer the following questions regarding your investments:

  • How many brokerage accounts do you have at each custodian?
  • How many positions do you own in each account?
  • How much income do you receive from investments?
  • How is your portfolio's risk balanced with potential rewards?
  • How do fees and expenses associated with your brokerage accounts affect your portfolio's long-term returns?

The PAR process creates a detailed account of your investments while organizing your portfolio, which makes it easy to comprehend. Call us today and let the PAR process work for you!