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Because the Medicare process can be confusing, and even a little intimidating, our Navigating Medicare brochure may be a helpful strategy tool. The brochure is a quick read that explains the mechanics of:

  • Medicare Part A, which generally provides hospital insurance
  • Medicare Part B, which generally provides medical insurance
  • Medicare Part D, which provides prescription drug coverage
  • Medicare Supplements Plans, frequently referred to as Medigap
  • Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C.

Our licensed and independent insurance agents have a deep understanding of your available options and that means they're ready to find the Medicare strategy that's right for you!

Access our complimentary Navigating Medicare brochure that can help you stay informed and up to date on Medicare plans. This is available inside the Generational Vault - which is secure, easy to set up and available at no cost. Just fill out the short form on this page to be redirected to the Generational Vault. Once you create your account, proceed to the Documents tab on the left-hand side where you can download our complimentary Navigating Medicare brochure.


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We are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the federal Medicare program or any other government agency. Please know that you may have to undergo health underwriting when changing Medicare Supplement policies, which could impact your eligibility. Additionally, there may be a period of time in a new Medicare Supplement policy where pre-existing conditions are not covered.

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